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Welcome. The Juniper Networks Deferred Compensation Plan allows you to defer a portion of your current compensation. This reduces your current income tax liability and lets you focus on tomorrow's financial needs. As a result, the Deferred Compensation Plan may offer a valuable financial planning tool for you and your family.

The Deferred Compensation Plan's enrollment window opens December 2 and closes December 16, 2013. During this window, you can elect to defer:

2011 base pay
Any 2011 commissions
Company Performance Bonus or Executive Annual Incentive Bonus earned during 2011 (paid in August 2011 and March 2012)

If you are a newly eligible employee, you can elect to defer base pay, commissions, and bonuses earned in 2011. Note, however, that no bonus deferral elections are taken after July 1; and no deferral elections for salary and commissions are taken after October 1.

What happens if you take no action?If you do not enroll during this special window, no compensation earned in 2010 will be deferred.

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The Deferred Compensation Plan is a nonqualified plan, making it exempt from certain IRS limitations and requirements. Assets of the Plan are held in a grantor trust established by Juniper Networks. The Plan is not qualified under IRS regulations. Any account established for you under the Plan would be subject to the claims of Juniper Networks’ creditor(s) in the event of a bankruptcy filed by Juniper Networks. Please call Jennifer Kirmse at 408.936.6707 for specific provisions of the Plan.

If there is a discrepancy between any information on this site and the plan document, the plan document will govern.

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